Optiles Plasterwok

If two raster-embossed surfaces are placed within a certain distance over one another, and as the observer is moving along, the relative position of the surfaces – due to their pattern – will result an interference, thus the waves give a sense of a relative movement. Transparent, glass-based floorings or wall panels have got the two – lower and upper – layers on which the above-mentioned phenomenon becomes perceptible if these patterns are on them. The viewer will see the whole surface, which has been assembled by the panel elements, as a movement or fluctuation. The panels are under industrial legal property protection. Their patterns are painted on their upper and lower surfaces, with the dye that is developed specifically for this purpose. Then the paint is burned at high temperatures onto the glass material, which becomes tempered during the burning procedure. This treatment gives some handcrafted character to the product.

Product Range

During the ancient times, before humans got to know the chemical elements, they believed that the world is built up by the four prime elements: soil, fire, water and air. Aristotle ‘s theory was the first written scientific work in Europe, describing the construction of the world around us. According to him, everything was a mixture of different proportions of these four items. The features of the things are made up with the basic characteristics that are associated with the four prime elements. From the beginning of the history of mankind, these four elements have got a spiritual significance. In his work entitled Four Elements Doctrine, Empedocles did not call them elements but roots, implying that they were the source of everything. Optiles product range has been designed in line with these thoughts.

 Technical Information

Using tiles either for decoration or functional purposes, we are not satisfied with loose or cracked tiles, as well as some water leaking in. Uneven surfaces, moldy, stained or loose joints are less critical problems, but still very annoying. A number of problems can occur when lining the tiles, which can ruin the well-planned design as well as the expensive tiles, generating unnecessary extra costs for the repairs. Therefore, to have a long lasting pavement, not only is the appropriate adhesive and pointing necessary, but also a complete system is needed, which includes proper surface preparation, waterproofing and gap filling according to the needs of the project. Sika, with its more than a hundred years of experience in the construction industry, is a specialist in waterproofing and mortars, so that it gives a comprehensive solution for any surface paving for different needs. Our tiles are ideal for indoor and outdoor flooring, wet rooms, terraces, swimming-pools, facade covering of any types and sizes. Special Sika Systems are available for brand new and renovation works offering high-quality solutions that provide long-lasting surfaces and they retain your investment.